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An Early Look at the New Maps


   I'll let you in on a secret too. Publicly, the release date for this new group is Friday April 22nd at 9AM EST. But they'll actually be available around 10p EST the night before. (this is always the case as I am unnecessarily concerned the internet will implode or I will lose the use of my fingers the day of)
   I've ordered more stock than ever before, so I'm not expecting anything to sell out fast, but if it should, I will immediately post pre-orders (which should move even more quickly this time).
   With this early look, I'll add the warning that printed colors differ from their digital counterparts- thing which may seem a little ~off~ are that way to create the intended finished product. 
    In switching printers and dealing with supply issues/ market fluctuations, I've had to increase the price of newly printed maps to $12. My hope is that I will be able to lower that price for future printings but it is entirely dependent on manufacturing costs.
   Alright, I'm done blabbing. Take a look.

The Wheel of Time- Westlands

Wot front FINAL.png
wot back final.png

A Map of Earthsea

earthsea back.png

Middle Earth

099557 Desig 3 Frot.png
099557 Desig 3 Back.png

Midworld & The Path to The Dark Tower

midworld front.png
dark tower back.png
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