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Custom Rebinding

A custom re-bind can give your favorite book a more tactile and imaginative home. If you've been plagued with daydreams of leather binding, embossed titles, and story specific details, this is the service that can make that happen.

Here's how it works:


Begin Your Commission 

To get started, we need to know about your project and expectations. Below, you'll find a Re-Bind Commission Form which contains a few questions to get us on the same page. 



Once the invoice has been paid, we begin work on your book. Generally speaking, a simple re-bind will take 2+ Weeks to complete. More complicated orders which require specific materials or custom pieces can take up to and above a month. 

During your book's creation, we're happy to share frequent updates and continue discussions of your desired design. 


Pricing and Invoice

Once we have the prompt we can determine what the project will cost. The total charge for the project is determined by the following:

-Price of paperback (varies by edition) 

          ~$7.50 - $15.00+

- Material cost 

          ~$10.00 - $40.00+

-Time and Skill (varies by complexity)

          ~$50.00 - 100.00+

- Shipping (Insured, Tracked)

          ~ $15.00+

Price Range : $82.50 - $170.00



Your book is carefully packaged at Belligerently Bookish Headquarters and then sent on its merry way to you. The default shipping (which is included in the final price of your project) is USPS Priority with Insurance and Tracking. Should you wish to upgrade your shipping, we'll be happy to do so-this can be discussed through the design and creation process.. 

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Re-bind Commission Form

*Don't worry about being too specific with your design ideas: We will have a more detailed discussion once this process is begun.*
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