Tired of being interrupted in the middle of a chapter?

Tired of men approching you in public, demanding to know what you're reading even though they have somewhat functional eyes and you're clearly busy?

Just... tired? 

Stick one of these bad boys in the back of your book and watch you problems disappear. Well, actually I can't guarantee that. I can guarantee that they'll at least make a funny face. 


The holographic foil on these bookmarks is... alarmingly shiny. When they came in, I wasted about an hour of my life just moving them around in the light to watch the colors shift. I wish i was joking. 

And the new matte finish is so absurdly velvety that it offends me. Its like rose petals. 


From our Second Printing of bookmarks: On 32pt Cardstock (twice as thick as the originals). Rudemarks are one sided-the back is plain white (simply because it costs twice as much to produce this style with double sided printing and my goal is to keep all bookmark prices accessable.)

F*ck Off

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