Frequently asked questions

Where is my order?

Because we're initally using the basic USPS and other national postage systems we can't currently provide tracking information. Most orders should arrive between 7 and 14 days after the order is confirmed. If your bookmarks have not arrived in 14 days, please contact us by email or though the contact form on this site.

What I'm looking for is out of stock... will it be back?

Probably not. Stock is tricky for a small business; most prints are created in limited batches. The time and cost commitments involved in re-printing one item alone are prohibitive in most cases. I understand that it may be frustrating to have missed out on a product, for that I am sorry. My mission with Belligerently Bookish is to share the joy that stories have brought me. It is for that reason that all my prints are created in small batches, with care taken at every step of the process, and with every consideration made for an acessable cost.

Will you be adding more designs? Can I request a design?

Yes and Yes. In the coming weeks and months we'll be adding more bookmarks, more maps, and more book-related art goodies. Suggestions are always welcome! You can email them in, use the contact form here, or reach out to me on instagram, @belligerently_bookish. I can't garuntee that each suggestion will end up being a fully fledged design, but I've found that alot of bibliophiles are on the same page when it comes to wishlists, so chances are, if you want it, someone else out there wants it too, and it's likey already on our TBD list!

When will my pre-order arrive/ how will my pre-order ship?

It is difficult to accurately predict time windows when it comes to pre-orders. Production hinges on myself and my subcontractors working in concert. Even when re-producing an item, we have to go through a proofing process which often takes about a week. My printing service is also not local which means that once proofing and printing is finished it takes about a week and a half for the printer to ship the finished product to me. And then I must ship it to you, which, again, can take about a week. Add on top of that I keep pre-order windows open for a week and we come to roughly a month. However, my printer is sometimes able to turn things around quickly. That is why the general optimistic esitimation I give is 3 weeks. Sometimes things happen even faster and sometimes things happen even slower. If I ever expect production to take longer than a month, I will send an email out to those of you who have ordered explaining the delay. And, I figure, should things happen to move more swiftly than I expect, you’ll get a happy surprise in the mail. Orders which contain a pre-ordered item and items that are currently in stock will ship as one when the pre-ordered item arrives. If you would like you other items to ship separately and arrive sooner please specify that in the “Notes” section at checkout. Because of the way the ordering system works, you may not receive an automated reply letting you know that a portion of your order has shipped. I will do my best to send direct emails confirming the splitting and shipping of your order, but if you are concerned or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me either via Email, Instagram, or through the Contact form on the website.

Why did the price of a product change?

If I have raised the price of a product, it is out of necessity. My goal here is not profit, my goal is to share the joy I have found in stories. As a reader I have often found myself in the position having a goblin-like zeal for a special edition or bookish product only to be dissapointed to see that there wasn't room in my budget for a purchase that size. In the spirt of accessability and community, I try to sell things as close to cost as possible-but those costs add up. If you feel that my products are prohibitivly expenisve, I am honestly sorry for that. The more I grow, the lower I will be able to price things. I tend to put out discount codes and sales pretty frequently, so keep an eye out.