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Please complete the form below to begin the commission process.

     I'm currently accepting all manner of illustrative commissions.

This includes Original Maps, Concept Art, Character Art, Book Covers, Logos, Scene Illustrations, and the like.


All commissions are presented as Hi-Resolution digital files that you can use at your discretion with aproprate credit.


Pricing is dependent on the complexity of the work. 

The following categories are rough estimates. 

Original maps $200+

          Price is determined by complexity and scale

This includes line-work, border, name plates, monochromatic detail etc

minimum $75 additional for full color


Illustrations (Landscapes, Scenes) $125+

          Price determined by complexity and scale

          This includes a landscape/cityscape, and up to three focal points

          minimum $50 for more than three focal points

Character/ Concept Art $60+

Head and shoulders, detailed Line-work

Minimum $20+ for full body

*Additional $20+ for color blocking 

*Additional $30+ for full color 

     (Color pricing is NOT additive. meaning you are only charged $30+ for

      full color, not $50)

Logos & Graphic Design $75+

          Additional charges by complexity and volume



     After you submit your form, we can communicate about your project; what you want, any inspirations or references. From there I can quote you a few options varying in complexity and price. 

I consider all commissions to be collaborations. I communicate frequently and share process shots via google drive. I have no problem tweaking a design until you're happy- within the bounds of reasonable expectations. 

Commissions can take as little as three days to complete or as long as month-it all depends on the project. I always aim to work quickly. 

Added by request, a digital tip jar. Tips are not expected or required but appreciated. 

    These estimates are general and subject to change. I am always willing to work within a budget.  Unique commissions are difficult to estimate and are priced on a project to project basis. 

I reserve the right to refuse any commission.


Thanks for submitting!
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