Commission Original Art

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I am currently accepting all manner of illustrative commissions including original maps for your story, character and concept art, as well as logos and text-based graphics. 

All commissions are presented as Hi-Resolution digital files, which, depending on the specifics of your contract, you may use at your discretion.

I am also happy to send you limited prints, generally no larger than A4

I do not accept commissions to re-print previous designs. 


Pricing is largely dependent on the complexity of the work. 

The following categories are rough estimates. 

Original maps $90+

This includes linework, border, name plates, etc

minimum $40 additional for full color

Character Art $40+

Head and shoulders, Linework

Minimum $15+ for full body

Additional $20+ for color blocking 

Additional $25+ for full color 

These estimates are general and subject to change. I am always willing to work within a budget.  Other commissions are difficult to estimate and are priced on a project to project basis. 

**If your project is time sensitive, PLEASE include that in your project description. 

I reserve the right to refuse any commission.

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